anna k baldwin

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All items are hand made and gift boxed. I can customise items in my collections, or work to individual commissions - see gallery below for examples. I can also supply gift vouchers, customised with an individual’s name. Go to my contact page for enquiries.

  • giftbox

    Radiant pendant - shown gift boxed

  • custom engagement and wedding ring

    Custom 18ct white gold diamond-set engagement and wedding ring

  • dimpled engagement ring

    Custom dimpled wide ring set with white and green diamonds

  • custom ellipse rings

    Custom ellipse stacking rings in 9ct white and yellow gold set with scatter diamonds

  • custom emerald engagement ring

    Custom silver engagement ring, made using customer's own emerald

  • white gold heart brooch

    Custom brooch in 9ct white gold set with scatter diamonds

  • white gold heart stud earrings

    Custom heart studs in 9ct white gold to match custom brooch

  • pearl lariat necklace

    Lariat necklace made with customer's own pearls as wedding jewellery

  • custom wedding ring

    Wedding ring in 18ct gold, designed to fit round customer's engagement ring

  • opal and gold drop earrings

    9ct gold earrings set with customer's own opals

  • pebble pendant

    Pebble pendant set in silver, with 18ct gold bail

  • custom silver rig

    Custom silver ring set with cubic zirconia

  • turquoise pendant

    Turquoise pendant, set with customer's own stone

  • custom gem ring

    Custom gem ring set with customer's own stone (approx 14x10mm)

  • custom gem necklace

    Custom blue topaz gem necklace

  • custom leaf necklace

    Customised leaf necklace, with snake chain

  • star and turquoise pendant

    Star pendant with turquoise

  • petal necklace and earrings

    Petal necklace and bracelet, silver with garnet, made as wedding jewellery

  • petal chipped gem necklace and bracelet

    Petal garnet chip gem necklace and bracelet, silver with garnet, made as bridesmaid's presents

  • textured cuff

    Man's textured cuff

  • wave cuff

    Wave cuff, height approx 40mm

  • domed cufflinks

    Domed silver cufflinks

  • circles cufflinks

    Circles silver cufflinks

  • tie pin and cufflinks

    Tie pin and cufflink set, with snowflake obsidian

  • v shaped man's ring

    V shaped man's ring, height approx 10mm overall, thickness 2mm max

  • ripple wedding ring

    Custom man's wedding band in silver

  • silver napkin holders

    Silver napkin holders. Approx 6cm at spine

  • napkin holders, silver with 18ct gold

    Napkin holders, silver with 18ct gold. Approx 6cm at spine

  • lace napkin rings

    Lace textured napkin rings - wedding gift

  • altered wedding ring

    Altered wedding ring, enlarged with a silver insert