anna k baldwin

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Exact colours of gemstones may vary from images shown. Prices vary and may depend on materials/stones used, but as an overall guide prices for silver-only items range from approx £42-£175. A current price list is available on request. Prices for gemstones and gold items can be quoted individually. Go to my contact page for enquiries.

  • wrapped bangle

    Wrapped bangle, height will vary up to approx 13mm

  • dimpled bangles silver with 18ct gold

    Dimpled bangles, silver and silver with 18ct gold. Wide approx 5mm high, slim approx 3-4mm high.

  • dappled bangle

    Dappled bangle, height approx 5mm, each ring approx 1.5mm thick

  • halo cuff

    Halo cuff, shown in silver. Height approx 60mm

  • ellipse pair of bangles

    Ellipse pair of light oval bangles, each approx 3mm wide at widest point

  • ellipse heavy bangle

    Ellipse heavy oval bangle, approx 4mm wide at widest point

  • ellipse drop bangle

    Ellipse drop bangle. Oval bangle, approx 3mm wide at widest point, drop approx. 2cm x 1cm

  • posy single bangle

    Posy single bangle, flower approx 16mm x 14mm