anna k baldwin

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about me

I design and make all my jewellery myself, working mainly in silver, gold, and semi-precious stones, and love creating beautiful, contemporary, wearable pieces.

My designs have an organic, tactile feel, often incorporating hammering and shaping techniques to create a sense of movement. I gain inspiration from many different sources including light, texture, and natural and fluid forms. I take care to 'road-test' all my designs myself, so that I can be sure others will enjoy wearing them too.

Based in Buckinghamshire, I started doing silversmithing at college evening classes - initially just as a recreational activity, then setting up my own tiny workshop and developing my own collections. I have now been designing and making jewellery for more than 12 years, and am a member of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild.

All my jewellery is handmade, and therefore unique, and I make most items to order - lead times can vary depending on the piece. I can quote individual lead times on request, and am happy to discuss any specific timeframes, but as a guideline in the case of a gift, it's probably safest to allow approx 4 weeks for delivery.

You can find out more about my work and what I'm currently doing on Facebook.

Studio photos (this page) by Pirjo Keene © 2017
All jewellery photos by Anna Baldwin © 2017